Engineers receive $3.7 million for nuclear research

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UW-Madison nuclear reactor

UW-Madison nuclear reactor

The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded UW-Madison engineering researchers nine of 42 total grants distributed through its Nuclear Energy University Program. The researchers received $3.7 million to advance nuclear education and develop the next generation of nuclear technologies. The research includes projects in fuel cycle research and development, generation IV reactor research and development, and innovative research in nuclear science and engineering. UW-Madison is among 23 U.S. universities to lead projects, which include:

  • Heat transfer salts for nuclear reactor systems: Chemistry control, corrosion mitigation and modeling (Engineering Physics Senior Scientist Mark Anderson, Distinguished ResearchProfessor Kumar Sridharan and Materials Science and Engineering Assistant Professor Dane Morgan)
  • Modeling solute thermokinetics in LiCl-KCl molten salt for nuclear waste separation (Morgan)
  • Study of interfacial interactions using thin-film surface modification: Radiation and oxidation effects in materials (Sridharan)
  • Pulsed magnetic welding for advanced core and cladding steels (Engineering Physics Assistant Scientist Yong Yang, Research Associate Guoping Cao, and Associate Professor Todd Allen)
  • “Freeze-casting” as a novel manufacturing process for fast-reactor fuels (Allen)
  • Corrosion in supercritical carbon dioxide: Materials, environmental purity, surface treatments and flow issues (Sridharan, Anderson and Cao)
  • Critical experiments to understand the radiation response of materials for fast-reactor cladding and
  • duct application (Allen)
  • Understanding the irradiation behavior of zirconium carbide (Morgan, Materials Science and Engineering Assistant Professor Izabela Szlufarska, Yang and Allen)
  • Microstructure evolution in advanced structural materials under long-term and elevated temperature irradiation: A combined materials modeling and experimental investigation (Morgan)

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