2011 Perspective magazine

Susan Hagness and Barry Van Veen

Susan Hagness and Barry Van Veen. Photo: David Nevala.

Inside the box: New method for breast cancer imaging


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Inside the box
A team of UW-Madison researchers is developing a new method for breast cancer imaging better tailored to women with a particularly high risk factor. Read the story.
By Sandra Knisely

UW-Madison economic impact statewide hits $12.4 billion
Engineering research benefits companies across Wisconsin. Read about three successful partnerships.
By Sandra Knisely and Renee Meiller

Fusion experiments earn nearly $11 million in grants
UW-Madison programs in plasma physics and fusion technology are among the oldest, broadest, largest and most productive programs in the nation. Read about some of this unique energy research.
By Sandra Knisely and Renee Meiller


In Depth
Seeding innovation in engineering education.
By Dean Paul Peercy

From the Lab
College research news: driving simulator, CAREER awards, concrete, AFOSR awards, UW-Madison awards

Who Knew?
Five questions about sustainability … with Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Giri Venkataramanan

The Next Generation
Engineering students live and learn abroad, make their mark as entrepreneurs, and more: China travels, polymers in Colombia, Gabe Carimi, Qualcomm winners, profile: Matthew Kirk, Innovation winners

Engineering Beyond Boundaries
Beyond the classroom: Experimental space promotes undergrad learning
By Sandra Knisely

Wisconsin Ideas
From Waterloo, Wisconsin, to Washington, D.C., and beyond, UW-Madison engineers provide expertise that shapes the world: Trek, Orchid Monroe, congressional testimony, welding technology transfer

Badger Engineers

A New Perspective
How a polymer guy ended up doing tissue engineering scaffold research

By Lih-Sheng (Tom) Turng