A career … made in China

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Dhina Susanti with a campus bronze of Abraham Lincoln

Dhina Susanti celebrates her graduation from UW-Madison in August 2011.

The prospect of living and working in Beijing for a summer made Dhina Susanti a little nervous, but her internship in China turned out to be the opportunity of a lifetime. “I thought that the biggest barrier was going to be the language, but in the end, it wasn’t that much of a challenge,” says the electrical and computer engineer, who earned her bachelor’s degree in August 2011. “I was worried about getting around Beijing by myself, but there were English translations everywhere, and the subway system was easy to use.”

The most challenging—and ultimately, perhaps the most rewarding—part of Susanti’s trip was returning to the United States and boiling down all of the ways she grew as a person and engineer into a brief four-minute video. “I had to think twice about how to tell a story about how I grew up—that I learned a lot, and essentially that this was something very beneficial for me,” she says.

Unfortunately, Susanti didn’t have video or photos of all her experiences. As a result, her video, Made in China, is a hand-written guide to everything she learned and experienced in her time overseas,  from seeing Chinese industry firsthand to learning the importance of standing out in a nation of more than one billion people.

Having a portfolio-ready presentation of her work in China came in handy: Susanti landed a job with global IT software and solutions company CA Technologies a few months after she graduated.

Susanti says that working in China in quickly became a key selling point for her as a job candidate.  “Right now, China is in the spotlight and people just want to know what’s going on there,” says Susanti. “Traveling abroad is a huge deal, but I would say that traveling to China almost gives you double points. My internship in China helped me to get this job.”

View Susanti’s China video here.Bucky Badger head

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