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Cynthia BachmannChances are that you are advancing and realizing your potential in no small part because of your UW-Madison education and the brand equity of that “University of Wisconsin” credential behind your name.

I graduated 30 years ago and left campus with a Wisconsin Alumni Association card and a job. I didn’t expect to lead product development in two exceptional companies, to help dozens of associates realize their potential, or to travel the world. My engineering degree from UW-Madison opened all of these doors.

Today I serve as chair of the College of Engineering Industrial Advisory Board (IAB). On behalf of the IAB, I want you all to know that the future of the College of Engineering is in our collective hands—really.

To advance the reputation of the UW-Madison College of Engineering, the IAB recently advised the dean to adopt the following priorities:

  • Keep pace with the hiring demands of industry for increasing numbers of engineers with top-quality skills and abilities.
  • Increase participation in and leadership over multidisciplinary research centers and seek opportunities to commercialize relevant outcomes.
  • Preserve and improve the reputation and rankings of the college among American engineering schools at both the graduate and undergraduate student levels.

Private and corporate giving is crucial to provide flexible resources to pursue these college priorities and to fill in the gaps left by generally decreasing public funding. I urge you to make a personal investment in the future of the College of Engineering by making an annual financial pledge. And I urge you to connect corporations and small businesses alike with the exceptional opportunities at UW-Madison—and to ask for their financial support.

Your support provides scholarships that help propel students to learn to innovate and think critically in an interdisciplinary environment. Your support helps to recruit and retain inspiring educators and researchers; your gift is then amplified by the grants these researchers secure. Your support sends a message that you believe in the College of Engineering’s impact and potential.

As proud alums and supporters of the university, it is our honor and responsibility to ensure that the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering lives up to its brand as a forward-thinking world-class institution.

Advance. Forward. On Wisconsin!

Cynthia Christofferson Bachmann, BSECE ’83
Chair, Industrial Advisory Board
UW-Madison College of Engineering
Vice President–Engineering, Kohler Company

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