In gratitude for your pride in and passion for our college of engineering

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Dean Ian Robertson

Dean Ian Robertson. Photo: Nick Berard.

On June 16 at approximately 11:45 a.m., I had the honor and privilege of making a very special announcement. In front of a crowd of nearly 350 engineering faculty, staff and students and members of the media, I revealed news of the largest gift in UW-Madison College of Engineering history.

That $25 million commitment—from The Grainger Foundation of Lake Forest, Illinois—
will create the Grainger Institute for Engineering. One of our goals is to establish the 
UW-Madison College of Engineering as a national leader in vital research areas. The Institute will be an incubator that allows us to choose and quickly develop new research directions in response to pressing technological and societal needs.

Even more, however, the Institute is an investment in the people who generate the ideas and innovations for which our great university is known.

The Grainger Foundation commitment will enable us to hire 25 new faculty members— and these individuals will be pioneers dedicated not only to collaborative, trans-disciplinary 
research, but to excellence in teaching, as well. Amplifying our many existing strengths in research and education, these new faculty will increase our ability to attract, retain and train top postdoctoral and graduate students, and to weave fresh ideas and cutting-edge technologies into our undergraduate curriculum.

Along with our society, higher education is undergoing rapid changes—and we 
as a college aim to excel at educating and inspiring future leaders whose engineering 
education enables them to engage with others to make meaningful contributions 
to society. This is our challenge—and this is our opportunity. The Grainger Institute 
for Engineering allows us to advance an already thriving culture of collaborative, 
trans-disciplinary research—and to integrate that approach into our teaching for the benefit of all.

While I had the privilege to announce The Grainger Foundation’s generous commitment and to tell those in attendance about the positive changes it will effect, many in the 
college and university played key roles to make the gift, my announcement, and the 
following celebratory luncheon possible. They have my deepest gratitude.

I look back on the sheer number of people in the room on June 16—as well as those who listened from out in the hallway—and I saw passion for the College of Engineering. Here on campus, we believe in our college and are committed to its excellence. As I meet alumni from around the country, you, also, unwaveringly and unanimously share your passion for the College of Engineering. And I thank all of you for your ongoing support.

Together, we will achieve our goals.

Ian M. Robertson, Dean
UW-Madison College of Engineering

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