2011 Annual Report

GERS scholar Arrielle Opotowsky in the lab.

Opportunities in Engineering:
Advancing our workforce and our economy


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Creating pathways to engineering success
Read this.
By Dean Paul Peercy

A decade of gains in graduate student diversity
Program marks 10 years of meaningful success. Read this.
By Renee Meiller

Expo, Olympiad, student exchange
Engineering open house, national science competition, and nuclear education. Read this.

From the Menominee Forest to Madison
Engineering a path for American Indian transfer students. Read this.
By Sandra Knisely

Teaching the societal side of engineering
Outreach initiative engages middle-school students and teachers. Read this.
By Sandra Knisely

They dig the outdoors
Geological engineers live—and work—for the environment. Read this.
By Renee Meiller

Preparing kids for college
The Engineering Summer Program. Read this.
By Mark Riechers

College Departments

Biomedical Engineering

  • From patent to proven product: A new approach to tech transfer. Read this.
  • With careful thought, brain sensors connect neurons with actions. Read this.
  • Expanding the potential of MRI for diagnosing breast cancer. Read this.

Chemical and Biological Engineering

  • A new platform: DNA delivery, on demand. Read this.
  • For industry, advanced control methods boost bottom line. Read this.
  • Making drug development less of a gamble. Read this.

Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Keeping U.S. transportation investments on track. Read this.
  • Revealing the chemical fingerprints of a crime. Read this.
  • Does ‘green’ behavior occur in a green building? Read this.

Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Nanoscale silicon: A really cool hot spot. Read this.
  • New wave of energy research. Read this.
  • With second company, laser researchers are seeing new light. Read this.

Engineering Physics

  • Materials engineer applies education to stem cell challenges. Read this.
  • DOE awards UW-Madison engineers $5.6 million for future reactor technology. Read this.
  • To deter nuclear terrorism, should we inspect all incoming freight? Read this.

Engineering Professional Development

  • Hands-on engineering—the Camp Badger way. Read this.
  • Close ties among online classmates overcome geographic distance. Read this.
  • When process equals progress: Building blocks for biotech business. Read this.

Industrial and Systems Engineering

  • Bringing best practices to Wisconsin manufacturers. Read this.
  • Collaborative optimization simplifies real-world problems. Read this.
  • Smooth transitions: CHSRA and Zimmerman will expand expertise. Read this.

Materials Science and Engineering

  • Nanomembranes promise new materials for advanced electronics. Read this.
  • Slippery concepts: Tiny interactions explain massive phenomena. Read this.
  • Strengthening bonds with the welding industry. Read this.

Mechanical Engineering

  • Power steering: A system for more capable catheters. Read this.
  • Casting a nano future for the metals industry. Read this.
  • Cold enough to see clearly. Read this.

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